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The word “thali” refers to the platter that holds an array of individual dishes that make a complete Indian meal (no need to order a la carte!). Our thali menu changes monthly to feature dishes appropriate to the season, and to use what’s best in the market. Meals are served on traditional stainless steel thali plates.
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In addition to our monthly special thali
we feature other delicious Indian vegetarian dishes and changing specials. Try our famous chai with Indian sweets and namkeens (salty snacks), or sip one of our many exotic teas and tisanes. Wine and beer and Indian soft drinks are also available.
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Open Weekdays (Wed-Fri), 4:30 - 9pm
& Weekends (Sat-Sun), 12 noon - 9pm

For to-go orders and other information, call us at 206-329-6260.

2524 Beacon Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98144            [see map]
Rajma Dal is essential Punjabi cuisine - red kidney beans cooked with tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, chilies, and spices
Photo: Bob Sarver (2014)
Boondi Raita - softened chickpea flour 'droplets' in seasoned yogurt is typical of northern and western India
Photo: Bob Sarver (2014)
Winter Chaat Salaad - flavors of Delhi chaat with sweet potatoes, raw veggies and chickpeas, chutneys and chaat masala
Photo: Bob Sarver (2014)
January's Thali - "Punjab to Delhi" - features flavors of North India, including Rajma Dal (red beans), Alu Baingan (eggplant and potato), Mushroom Matar Makhani (peas and mushrooms in a creamy sauce), Winter Chaat Salaad, and Boondi Raita.
Photo by Robert Sarver 2014
2524 Beacon Ave South
Seattle, WA  98144

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