Dill Weed - Anethum graveolens
Widely used in European cuisines, DILL is popular with fish, eggs, salads and vegetables. DILL is also used in Indian and Middle Eastern foods. (Israel)
$3.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
Fennel Seed, whole organic - Foeniculum vulgare
FENNEL SEED is popular in European as well as Indian food. In India it is used in pickles and curries, and eaten after dinner to ease digestion and freshen the breath. (Turkey)
$1.50 per oz.
Fennel Seed, whole - Foeniculum vulgare
We sell the non-certified FENNEL SEED as well because, frankly, we like the taste better. It has a less herbal flavor, more anise-like. It tastes like the FENNEL we find in India. (India)
$1.25 per oz.
Fenugreek Leaf (Kasoori Methi) - Trigonella foenum-graecum
An indispensable flavor in Indian cooking. METHI adds a richness and buttery depth to gravies, kormas and various sabzis; and to such classic recipes as dal makhani and butter chicken. (India)
$2.00 per oz.
Fenugreek Seed, whole - Trigonella foenum-graecum
FENUGREEK SEEDS have a bitter, maple-like flavor that is delicious in certain vegetable dishes, and indispensable in curry powders (such as Madras Curry).
$2.00 per oz.
Galangal Root, sliced - Alpinia officinarum

A kind of ginger, but with a distinctive flavor, GALANGAL slices are perfect for Thai soups. Use whole slices and remove when they have imparted their flavor. (Thailand)
Galangal Root, powder - Alpinia officinarum
GALANGAL ROOT was important in medieval European cooking, but is nowadays mostly used in Thai food, where it lends its earthy, ginger taste to Thai style peanut sauce. (Thailand)
Garlic granules, organic - Allium sativum
GARLIC granules - a little coarser than powder - comes in handy when you are out of fresh. Perfect for rubs and marinades. Use it anywhere you would fresh, but way less; it's strong! (China)
$2.00 per oz.
Ginger root powder organic - Zingiber officinale
GINGER ROOT is equally important in European and Asian cuisines. Delicious in baked goods, breads and cookies, and in spice rubs and marinades. (China)
$2.50 per oz. 
Grains of Paradise, whole - Aframomum melegueta
An exotic alternative to ordinary pepper, GRAINS OF PARADISE were once part of medieval European cooking. A pleasant heat underlies their subtle, complex flavor. (Ivory Coast)
$4.75 per oz.
Juniper berries, whole - Juniperus communis
Besides its use in medicinal formulas, and for flavoring gin, JUNIPER BERRIES lend a piney, herbaceous flavor that stands up to strong flavored game meats, lamb, etc. (Bulgaria)
$1.50 per oz.
Mustard seed, Black/Brown, whole organic - Brassica juncea
BLACK MUSTARD seeds are used throughout India in vegetable dishes, pickles and curry powders. We're happy to introduce this certified ORGANIC product to our South Asian spice collection. (Canada)
$1.25 per oz. - ORGANIC

Mustard seed, Black (Brown) whole - Brassica juncea
BLACK MUSTARD seeds are essential to south Indian cooking. Tame the heat and give it a delicious nutty flavor by 'spluttering' seeds in a little hot oil (let 'em pop and sizzle). (India)
$1.00 per oz.
Mustard seed, Yellow powder organic - Sinapis alba
Yellow organic MUSTARD SEEDS from Canada are ground to fine powder. Simply add a little water to make instant Chinese hot mustard. (Canada)
$1.25 per oz.
Mustard seed, Yellow whole organic - Sinapis alba
Yellow organic MUSTARD SEEDS from Canada, spicy and a little bitter. Delicious in pickles and marinades, or fry them and add to sauces or vegetables to give them a kick.
$1.00 per oz.
Nigella (Kalonji), whole seed - Nigella sativa
When your Indian cookbook says 'onion seed' it really means these coal black NIGELLA seeds, which are used in spice blends, sautéed in veggies and sprinkled on naan bread. (India)
$1.25 per oz.
Nutmeg powder organic - Myristica fragrans
Fragrant NUTMEG powder is delicious in baked goods as well as in cream sauces, or with cheese. In India, NUTMEG is similarly used in sweets and chai. FAIR TRADE (Sri Lanka)
$5.50 per oz. 
Nutmeg, whole organic - Myristica fragrans
Our NUTMEG powder is fresh and flavorful, but nothing compares to a fresh grating directly off the nutmeg. FAIR TRADE (Sri Lanka)
$6.00 per oz. 
Onion, minced organic - Allium cepa
Another handy item when you run out of fresh onions. Add these organic MINCED ONIONS directly to cooking liquid, or use in dressings and marinades. (USA)
$1.50 per oz.
Oregano leaf, cut and sifted organic - Oreganum vulgare
The flavor of the Mediterranean, especially of Greece and Italy, OREGANO is also an important ingredient in Mexican food. (Turkey)
$2.25 per oz. 
Paprika, Hungarian powder organic - Capsicum annuum
HUNGARIAN PAPRIKA is famous for its subtle sweetness and its beautiful color. Fry it in a little oil to bring out its rich red color and flavor. (Hungary)
$2.00 per oz. 
Peppercorns, Black Malabar whole organic - Piper nigram
BLACK PEPPER from where it originated, on the MALABAR coast of southwestern India. This spicy, flavorful pepper is best ground fresh before using. (India)
$2.50 per oz.
Peppercorns, Green whole organic - Piper nigram
GREEN PEPPERCORNS are unripe peppercorns that have been prevented from oxidizing by freeze-drying. The berries have a mild but complex and herbaceous flavor. (India)
$4.50 per oz. 
Peppercorns, Pink whole organic - Schinus terebinthifolius
PINK PEPPERCORNS, not a true pepper, are native to South America. Mildly spicy and flavorful, the berries grow on a tree related to cashew, and may cause reactions in people sensitive to tree nuts. (Brazil)
$4.75 per oz.
Peppercorns, White whole organic - Piper nigram
WHITE PEPPERCORNS come from the ripened berries of the pepper vine, the flesh of which is removed to reveal the inner seed, which is then dried.
$3.00 per oz.
Pippali (Long Pepper), whole organic - Piper longum
The source of our word 'pepper', from ancient Tamil, PIPPALI is used extensively in ayurvedic medicine, and as a spice. It is hotter than black pepper, and subtly sweet. (India)
$6.25 per oz.
Poppy seed, Blue whole organic - Papaver somniferum
BLUE, or Dutch POPPY SEEDS have a nutty, sweet crunch to them. These high grade organic seeds are excellent in baked goods, such as pastries, cakes, and scones. (Turkey)
$1.50 per oz.
Poppy seed, White whole - Papaver somniferum
WHITE POPPY SEED is preferred in South Asia. The lighter color makes it ideal to thicken creamy sauces and rich korma gravies, and as crunchy coating on fried vegetables. (India)
$2.75 per oz.
Rosemary leaf organic - Rosmarinus officinalis
ROSEMARY gives a delicious herbal flavor to breads, as well as soups and stews. A natural accompaniment with roast meats and poultry, and roasted root vegetables.(Spain)
$1.50 per oz. 
Saffron, Kashmiri - Crocus sativa
Our favorite; we import it directly from one of the oldest saffron merchants in India. An essential ingredient in fancy Indian sweets, rice dishes and curries.
Saffron, Spanish Mancha Superior - Crocus sativa
Sage leaf, rubbed organic - Salvia officinalis
Savory, Winter leaf organic - Satureja montana
Sesame, Black seed whole - Sesamum indicum
Sesame, White hulled seed whole organic - Sesamum indicum
Sichuan Pepper, whole - Zanthoxylum simulans
Sumac Berry, ground - Rhus glabra
Tarragon, French leaf whole organic - Artemisia dracunculus
Thyme leaf organic - Thymus vulgaris
Turmeric root powder organic - Curcuma longa
Turmeric root, whole - Curcuma longa
Vanilla Bean, whole organic - Vanilla plantifolia
Deep red threads from the crocus flower impart a brilliant yellow color to rice in risotto, or paella, and delivers that subtle flavor to Indian and middle eastern sweet dishes. (Spain)
$9.00 per gram ($194.40 per oz.)
An essential herb for holiday dressings and gravies, SAGE leaf is good with winter squash and roasted vegetables, and makes a healthy tea to sooth the throat. (Argentina)
$2.50 per oz.
On often overlooked herb of European origins, it is good in stews and marinades, and is often added to bean dishes to reduce their gassy effects. (Spain)
$2.00 per oz.
This ancient seed, native to India, is used for food, cooking oil, and as a seasoning, due to it's nutty deliciousness, especially when roasted. (China)
$1.00 per oz.
This more refined WHITE SESAME SEED is hulled, but every bit as flavorful as the black seeds. These are certified organic and grown in Ethiopia.
$2.75 per oz.
The tingly tongue appeal of SICHUAN PEPPER has propelled its popularity beyond Sichuan into Tibet, where it is called Emma. Described as 'hot', it is really a different experience from the heat of chilies and other peppers.
$3.00 per oz.
The subtle sour taste of ground SUMAC and its enticing color make is a natural decorative sprinkle over kababs and salads, hummus and yogurt dishes. (Turkey)
$3.25 per oz.
This bright licoricey taste of FRENCH TARRAGON leaves goes well chicken or fish, in tartar sauce, marinades, and vegetable stews with tomatoes and white wine. (France)
$7.50 per oz.
A keystone herb of western cuisines, used in meat and poultry dishes, but also useful in the vegetarian kitchen, with roasted vegetables, in soups and stews, and in egg dishes. (Poland)
$2.50 per oz.
VANILLA is the oxidized seed pod of an orchid. Boil the pod to flavor cooking liquid, scrape the seeds, or submerge in sugar for vanilla-flavored sugar. (India)
$12.00 per oz.  (approx. 4 beans)
Some folks prefer whole dried TURMERIC root, whether to grate or to grind. It can also be boiled tender then crushed, dried again and then ground. For food, medicine, or worship. (India)
$1.50 per oz.
Our TURMERIC powder is now organic!  Strong yellow color, with characteristic flavor and fragrance makes this one of the essential spices in Indian cooking, and great for health! (India)
$1.75 per oz.
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