Ajwain (Carom seed) - Trachyspermum ammi
AJWAIN is a popular flavoring in Indian crackers and salty snacks (namkeens), pickles and some vegetable dishes. It is added to dals, or lentils, to aid digestion. (India)
$1.25 per oz.​
Allspice Berry, ground - Pimenta officinalis
Named for a flavor that resembles cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, combined; ALLSPICE is used in baking, and in stews, pickles, and marinades. (Guatemala)
$2.50 per oz. - ORGANIC
Allspice Berry, whole - Pimenta officinalis
Named for a flavor that resembles cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, combined; ALLSPICE is used in baking, and in stews, pickles, and marinades. (Guatemala)
$2.50 per oz. - ORGANIC
Amchoor (Green Mango powder) - Mangifera indica
AMCHOOR is powdered green mango, widely used as a dry souring agent. It contains digestive enzymes and is considered pacifying to vata and kapha doshas in ayurveda. (India)
$2.75 per oz.
Anise Seed, whole - Pimpinella anisum
Licoricy ANISE SEED is used in pastries and sweets throughout the world, and as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages. Medically used to reduce gas and ease digestion. (Turkey)
$1.50 per oz. - ORGANIC
Anise, Star, whole - Illicium verum
The extraordinary fragrance of these beautiful seed pods make them as popular for potpourris as for flavoring in stews and east Asian marinades. (Vietnam)
$2.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
Asafoetida, compounded (Hing) - Ferula asafoetida
ASAFOETIDA ('Hing' in India) is a pungent resin used in place of onion and garlic. Indispensable for authentic Indian flavor. Our ASAFOETIDA is compounded without wheat flour, so it is gluten free. (India)
$4.00 per oz. 
Basil, Sweet, leaf - Ocimum basilicum
SWEET BASIL is a perfect partner for tomatoes. delicious in soups, stews, sauces and marinades. Thought to calm the stomach in cases of cramps or nausea. (Egypt)
$2.00 per oz. - ORGANIC
Bay leaf, whole - Laurus nobilis
BAY LEAF is a popular European culinary herb used to flavor soups, stews, and meat dishes. Keep whole to impart flavor; do not eat. (USA)
$2.00 per oz. - ORGANIC
Caraway seed, whole - Carum carvi
CARAWAY is a standard flavoring in central European foods, cabbage dishes, rye breads, liquors and some sweets. (Lithuania)
$1.75 per oz. - ORGANIC
Cardamom, Black, whole pod - Elettaria cardamomum
The deep smoky camphor taste of BLACK CARDAMOM is prized in north Indian meat and veg curries, but not in sweet dishes where green cardamom is preferred. (India)
$1.75 per oz.
Cardamom, Green, decorticated - Elettaria cardamomum
The incomparable taste and fragrance of GREEN CARDAMOM make it essential to Indian sweets and savory dishes. Try it in tea or coffee. Crush in morter for maximum flavor. (Guatemala)
$6.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
Cardamom, Green, whole pod - Elettaria cardamomum
GREEN CARDAMOM PODS are used whole in some Indian puddings, curries and rice dishes. Also a delicious breath freshener after dinner. (Guatemala)
$5.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
Chili Cayenne powder - 90,000 HU - Capsicum annuum
Our CAYENNE POWDER is extra hot and extra-packed with all the healing properties of this potent chili pepper. (India)
$2.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
Celery seed, whole - Apium graveolens
Originally a Mediterranean herb, CELERY SEED is used to flavor soups, sauces, and pickles. An essential ingredient in seasoning salts. (India)
$1.75 per oz. - ORGANIC
Chili Pepper, Kashmiri long - Capsicum annuum
The Kashmiri-type long RED CHILIES are the preferred chili for everyday use in Indian cooking. Delicious roasted whole, simmered in dal, or with vegetable dishes. (India)
$2.00 per oz.
Cinnamon, Korintje 2.75" sticks - Cinnamomum burmanii
Hard sticks of spicy cinnamon bark are perfect for toddies and mulled wine, or marinades and in desserts. 2.75 inch sticks. (Indonesia)
$1.75 per oz. - ORGANIC
Cinnamon, Korintje powder - Cinnamomum burmanii
The CINNAMON of your childhood (if you grew up in the US), warming, comforting, and familiar. Delicious in cookies, cakes, pies, and puddings. (Indonesia)
$1.75 per oz. - ORGANIC
Cinnamon, Ceylon 3" sticks - Cinnamomum verum
This is the original TRUE CINNAMON, soft, crumbly sticks, native to the island if Sri Lanka. It is a softer, sweeter, well-rounded spice that adds depth but less heat to your food. (Sri Lanka)
$3.75 per oz. - ORGANIC
Cinnamon, Ceylon powder - Cinnamomum verum
The original old-world CINNAMON is less hot but full of flavor. Substitute it for your usual cinnamon. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. (Sri Lanka)
$3.00 per oz. - ORGANIC
Citric Acid powder
Used for making Indian sweets and spongy steamed cakes, and for adjusting acidity in prepared foods. Try adding a teaspoon to a quart of water as a 'fruit bath' to prevent discoloration. Natural; made from non-GMO corn.
$1.00 per oz.
Clove Buds, whole - Syzygium aromaticum
Hand-selected whole CLOVE BUDS from the original spice island of Sri Lanka. Strong smell and flavor for pickles, drinks, stews and curries. (Sri Lanka)
$5.00 per oz. - ORGANIC
Coriander Seed, powder - Coriandrum sativa
The citrusy fragrance of CORIANDER seed makes it a favorite in Indian dishes and Mexican too. Combined with cumin seed, the combination enhances innumerable dishes. (India)
$1.50 per oz.
Coriander Seed, whole - Coriandrum sativa
WHOLE CORIANDER seeds are used in curries, salsas, marinades, and rice and grain dishes. Freshly pan-roasted and ground, it releases a heavenly fragrance. (India)
$1.50 per oz.
Cubeb Berry/Pepper, whole - Piper cubeba
The 'pepper with a tail', or 'kabab chini' (literally, kabab sugar), has a haunting fragrance of black pepper with sandalwood and orange peel. Put it in your pepper grinder. (India)
$2.75 per oz.
Cumin, Black seed (shahi zeera), whole - Bunium persicum
The tiny seed of BLACK CUMIN has a distinctly different taste from the usual cumin; earthier, smoky, with hints of thyme. Delicious with tomatoes, in dal, and meat curries. (India)
$2.25 per oz.
Cumin Seed, ground - Cuminum cyminum
Ground CUMIN SEED is essential in both Indian and Mexican cooking, as well as in southwestern barbecue, marinades, and spice rubs. (India)
$1.50 per oz.
Cumin Seed, whole- Cuminum cyminum
Pan roast CUMIN SEEDS and grind them for a deep delicious flavor, or saute and use them whole in Indian curries, bean dishes, and various southwestern favorites. (India)
$1.50 per oz.
Curry Leaf, whole - Murraya koenigii
One of the key flavors in South Indian food. We buy CURRY LEAF fresh and dry it ourselves for better flavor in curries, dal, and ground in certain spice blends. (USA)
$24.00 per oz.
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Cocoa, Dutch powder - Theobroma cacao
Dutch Cocoa - processed with alkali to reduce tartness - has a rich, well-rounded taste and deep brown color, perfect for drinking or baking. Fair trade certified. (Netherlands)
$2.25 per oz. - ORGANIC
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