Our History
original TRAVELERS, Capitol Hill (Seattle) - 1998 to 2012
We opened Travelers in 1998 with the simple goal of making a living doing what we loved. Leon was the herbalist and incense maker, Allen a passionate Indophile, wanting to create an oasis of South Asian culture in Seattle. Travelers became a magnet, not just because of our popular chai, but because we became a community gathering place; a haven for yogis, travelers, students, and neighborhood denizens, where you could pick up a nice herbal tea, a handprinted bedspread, a Hindu god statue, or an Indian vegetarian meal...
TRAVELERS Thali House, Beacon Hill (Seattle) - 2011 to 2019
The house on Beacon was the restaurant of our dreams. We had started serving thali meals on weekends at our original shop on Capitol Hill, but it was always just a sideline, and we were limited to 12 seats. We wanted to do more, so with a vision of offering a menu of homestyle Indian vegetarian dishes, chaats and thalis, the likes of which had not been seen before in Seattle, we opened our little restaurant in a charming house on Beacon Hill, a neighborhood we soon came to love... 
original Travelers, Capitol Hill (composite photo)
Travelers Thali House, Beacon Hill (composite photo)
Welcome to our new website! We'll be adding to our History page in the coming months. We've had quite a history hosting amazing events (musical, spiritual, educational, and artistic), traveling, brewing chai, serving Seattle's first Indian thali (20 years ago). If you have pictures, video, recordings, or stories about the shop that you'd like to share, email them to us at travelersteaco@aim.com
Send us your photos, or recollections from memorable times at the Thali House, for us to include in our History.