Krishna Art - visions of the blue god
A piece of extraordinary artistry, this miniature painting is noteworthy for the skill and precision of the artist. The detail is remarkable; as refined as any painting we have sold. This was never offered for sale before now. It survived in our collection because we felt it worthy of a beautiful frame. It never got one, and so we are offering it for sale unframed and unmounted, giving you full creative control of the framing. Hand painted, 7" x 13" (inner painting: 5.5" x 10")

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Krishna with Gopis
This painting depicts Lord Krishna as a teenager with two comrades, playfully harassing a group of gopis, or milkmaids. The passion of the gopis for the 'bad boy' god represents the irresistible attraction for the divine that the love of Krishna represents in the bhakti tradition of 'devotion.
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painted on antique paper with borders of a sutra text, measuring  7" x  13", the inner painting measures 5.5" x 10". (Detail, below.)
Lord Krishna is the subject of so much art partially because he takes so many forms. He is worshipped as an infant, as a child, a teenager, a lusty youth, a warrior, and a great king, among other forms. He is himself an avatar of Vishnu, which may explain his blue color, though there are many theories about that.
Krishna Admonished by Yashoda
The image of Yashoda, Krishna's foster mother, scolding the wayward child (usually before melting into some ecstasy of cosmic mother-love), is a common theme in the stories of the child god. We're not sure which specific story this image alludes to, but young Krishna seems to have covered his butt, literally, with pillows, anticipating perhaps a punitive spanking.
The quality of the art is exceptional, as the above detail shows. Rajasthani, hand painted, 8" x 9.75" (inner: 6.25" x 8")

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Krishna Srinathji - Kesar Snaan Darshan
In the temple town of Nathdwara Krishna takes another form, that of the hero who holds up the mountain with one arm, giving shelter from the pounding rain sent by angry Indra. The idol in the temple is recreated in the same pose by local artists who depict him in the different clothes and ornaments that he wears for different occasions. This 'darshan' of Srinathji is called Kesar Snaan, literally saffron bath, which occurs during the hot season when the lord wears light cloth in the style of a yogi and retreats to the coolness of a cave (shown behind him in the grey rocks.
Images are uniquely made with cut layers of cardboard creating depth, while tiny 'jewels' and embossed decoration painted gold (see detail) give it a richness symbolic of the treasure that is devotion to Krishna. We acquired it in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Hand painted, it is unmounted, 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" (inner: 3-3/8" x 5-1/4")

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