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Travelers Thali House Too Good to Keep Secret
"For years, there have been complaints about the lack of (and lacking) Indian food options in Seattle. I’m here to tell you: Travelers is the answer to your prayers."

Allison Austin Scheff, Seattle Magazine (January 2012)
We are proud of the recognition we have received from food critics, but also from our blogging, yelping and tweeting public. Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement.
Seattle Met's CHEAP EATS - Samosa Chat
"Not only is the potato-and-pea-filled pastry a warming, flaky marvel—it’s even better smashed and slathered with curry and yogurt."

Allecia Vermillion and Kathryn RobinsonSeattle Met (June 2012)
"This is the best Indian food around Seattle..."
"It's not 'fancy', and that's what's so Indian about it...  It is a well-rounded meal...  made in an unpretentious manner that really allows you to taste the ingredients. This is the food I grew up eating at home for 22 years, and I am absolutely in love with the place." (5 stars)
Archis G. Yelp 12/18/2011

"Seattleites should no longer complain about the lack of a good Indian restaurant. Time to make your way to Beacon Hill "
Reviews for Travelers Thali House
One of "The 38 Essential Seattle Restaurants" 

"In New York, some of the best Indian food is served at the Hindu temple in Flushing, Queens. Temple cooking relies on spices and flavor for interest, not on fats, and Travelers channels this brand of Indian cuisine. Seattleites should no longer complain about the lack of a good Indian restaurant. Time to make your way to Beacon Hill."

Shalini Gujavarty 1/4/2012
One of Seattle's Best Restaurants!

The latest feather in our hat... we were named one of Seattle's Best Restaurants in Seattle Magazine's 2013 Dining Guide.  We're honored, of course. Thanks for recognizing us. 
"Best Chai Overall" - Seattle Weekly (Oct. 30, 2013)

"...a range of chais abound in Seattle; just name your palate and mood. After tasting about 30 this week, here are my votes to get you started: 

BEST CHAI OVERALL: Traveler’s Masala Chai (Seattle Coffee Works, etc.) 

Mixed at Traveler’s Thali House in Beacon Hill (formerly in Capitol Hill), Traveler’s Masala Chai is the smoothest, most balanced chai I found. Made from a black tea concentrate, it is just sweet enough with well-blended (not bitter) spice that rises the perfect amount in the back of your throat. It actually tastes like tea (which, as you’ll later see, is no given) and leaves you with a warming afternote of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. With the real name and everything? These guys must be from India."

                                                     A Brief History of Chai and 5 to Try (or Retry) This Fall
                                                     Sara D. Jones, Seattle Weekly (Oct 30 2013)


"vegetarian fare that is big on flavor"

We've been recognized again as a great place for good value. Seattle Magazine recommends our Delhi-style Gol Gappas, and our yummy Bhel Puri.

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